Hi, I’m Jay.

I have worked in the design industry for 10 years. I am a passionate and multi-skilled designer, currently specializing in UX/UI design. I enjoy helping businesses grow by creating beautiful, easy to use and memorable user experiences.

Maestro Conference

Maestro Conference is a webinar and conferencing platform which connects large numbers of people, deepening relationships and driving meaningful real-world actions. We were tasked with redesigning the onboarding experience.

Home Body Fitness App

Home Body Fitness is a home fitness app, which caters workouts to the interests and skill level of the individual. Get real-time measurements, workout from home with your friends through a video chat, or get online professional trainers or meal plans. Are you ready to “Get Your Body On!”

Leg Up App

Leg Up provides a valuable solution to the millions of people who are struggling with unemployment. This app bridges the gap between the person who needs help and the people who can provide that help. It also makes finding government programs simple and easy.